Welcome to the website of STARR EXCHANGE. The General Terms of Use are described in the following. They define the contractual relationship between STARR EXCHANGE (Starr Exchange Pty Ltd. ACN 147 873 970), registered in Australia under the local Law (hereinafter called STARR EXCHANGE and the natural and legal persons who are using STARR EXCHANGE's webservices and associated services) (hereinafter called Users).

The General Terms of Use shall apply to all Users of the website of STARR EXCHANGE including all related domains and sub domains including but without limitation, (hereafter called the website). Provisions deviating from the General Terms of Use shall only apply when they have been confirmed in writing by STARR EXCHANGE.

These General Terms of Use, are only available in English.

Changes of the General Terms of Use are explicitly announced on the website and a written announcement will be sent by email to all registered Users of STARR EXCHANGE. By continuing use of the platform the User accepts the amended General Terms of Use. We will notify registered Users of this procedure via e-mail.

At the bottom of the General Terms and Conditions a list of definitions is added, explaining all key words mentioned in the following.

1. Content on STARR EXCHANGE website

1.1 STARR EXCHANGE makes available free-of-cost information and data of other websites by means of hyperlinks (Internet links). This information and data exclusively serves the purpose of information, and the User cannot rely on their currency, accuracy or completeness. STARR EXCHANGE is not liable for the content of other websites; STARR EXCHANGE does not accept responsibility for such content.

1.2 Forums are offered in real-time on the STARR EXCHANGE website. The contents and information exchanged by Users in these forums are not subject to any control by STARR EXCHANGE. Users of these forums agree (i) not to restrict or inhibit the free access for other Users, (ii) not to enter any content, information, software, or any other interactive material in the forums that infringes existing rights, especially pornographic, obscene or defamatory material or material that can damage other Users or STARR EXCHANGE, e.g. by viruses. STARR EXCHANGE reserves the right to remove any content it deems to be inappropriate or in breach of these conditions.

1.3 The User's right for using the website and its functions exists only in the context of the current state of the art. STARR EXCHANGE may temporarily restrict its services when this appears necessary for limited capacities, server security and integrity and for any technical measures or maintenance activities in consideration of the Users' justifiable interests.

1.4 Regarding the use of certain contents on the STARR EXCHANGE website, additional provisions will be applicable that will be notified to the User within the offer in question.

1.5 STARR EXCHANGE reserves the right to make changes of or supplements to any information and data supplied at any time without advance notice.

2. Property, copyright

2.1 The contents of the STARR EXCHANGE website are protected by copyright. Copying, changing, making available to the public, distributing or storing of information or data, and notably of sharing of texts, logos, Artwork, Titles, Tracks, Sharing thereof or picture material, require STARR EXCHANGE's prior written consent. All intellectual and industrial property rights, including but not limited to trade names, trademarks, brands, logos and designs - possibly protected by third parties - mentioned within the Internet offer are unrestrictedly subject to the provisions of the registered owner's labelling and property rights in force at any given time. It cannot be concluded that objects such as brands or trademarks mentioned are not protected by third parties' rights.

2.2 The copyrights in conjunction with objects developed and published by STARR EXCHANGE remains solely with STARR EXCHANGE. Copying, making available to the public or using otherwise such objects like pictures, sound recordings/documents, video sequences or texts in other electronic or printed publications is not allowed without STARR EXCHANGE's prior and explicit consent.

3. General principles

The User shall comply with the following rules and regulations when using the website;

a.	The contents provided by the User may not violate any applicable laws or regulations, administrative orders or public policy.
b.	The contents, descriptions and images used may not violate third parties' rights.
c.	The User agrees not to endanger or disturb the functioning of the website in any way, and not to access data he/she is not authorised to access. Besides he/she must ensure that information transferred or data entered by him/her are not infected with computer viruses, worms etc.
d.	The contents to be entered by the User shall be entered in the corresponding category. The User agrees to describe the contents truthfully and completely with words and pictures.
e.	It is the User's responsibility to store and archive any information that can be viewed on STARR EXCHANGE's website or that has been stored by STARR EXCHANGE on a storage medium not linked to STARR EXCHANGE (for instance for the purpose of furnishing evidence etc.).
f.	Users who are won as customers of third party service or product providers via STARR EXCHANGE's interactive websites, and notably Internet links, for the purposes of the services or products supplied by those third parties are customers of the provider concerned. Solely the provider concerned is responsible for all information, contents and information on products or services. They do not represent a purchase recommendation by STARR EXCHANGE.

4. Cancellation and termination

4.1 STARR EXCHANGE can take the following measures when there are concrete signs of Users violating any applicable laws or regulations, third party rights or the General Terms of Use, or when it is necessary for protection of other Users:

a.	Deletion of contents from the website
b.	Restriction of the use of the website
c.	Preliminary blocking of registered Users
d.	Final blocking of registered Users

4.2 The User can terminate the Agreement any time by giving STARR EXCHANGE a written notification or by sending an email to [email protected]

4.3 STARR EXCHANGE may terminate the User-s access to all or any part of the service at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately.

5. Indemnity

The User indemnifies STARR EXCHANGE of all claims the User or other third parties may make against STARR EXCHANGE that arise as a result of contents entered by the User.

The User will bear all costs associated with STARR EXCHANGE's legal defence, including but not limited to court, lawyers' and administration expenses. These provisions shall not apply when the User is not liable for the infringement.

6. Restriction of liability

6.1 To the extent permitted by law STARR EXCHANGE will not be held liable for loss, personal injury, an impairment to health or death due to negligent breach of duty by STARR EXCHANGE or intentional or negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or a person employed to perform an obligation of STARR EXCHANGE; Except for intentional gross negligence, liability shall be restricted to the damage that is typically foreseeable at the time the Agreement is concluded.

6.2 STARR EXCHANGE does not accept any liability for direct or indirect damage caused by the use of information or data to be found on the website. STARR EXCHANGE does not accept any liability for contents, the functioning or the freedom from errors or legality of third parties' websites to which reference is made through links on the STARR EXCHANGE website.

6.3 STARR EXCHANGE does not accept any liability for contents and information entered in the forums.

6.4 STARR EXCHANGE does not accept any liability for failures within the service network not directly caused by STARR EXCHANGE.

6.5 STARR EXCHANGE does not accept liability for any -either direct or indirect - damage or loss suffered by the Talent and/or the Investor(s) involved arising from any failure of the Talent or Investor(s) to meet any guarantee or obligation set out in this Agreement in whole or in part, including but not limited to damage or loss arising from any failure to meet any guarantee or obligation mutually agreed between Talent and the Investor(s) involved. Both Talent and Investor(s) involved are independently liable for such damage or loss.

7. Written form, applicable law and jurisdiction

7.1 All the declarations transmitted in connection with the use of the website must be made in writing. This may be done by sending an e-mail.

7.2 The provisions of the General Terms of Use, as well as any disputes connected with or ensuing from this Agreement, shall be governed by the laws of the Queensland.

7.3 Any disputes ensuing from or connected with the provisions of the General Terms of Use shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court in Queensland.

8. International

Accessing the STARR EXCHANGE website may be prohibited from territories where such content is illegal. If the User accesses the STARR EXCHANGE website from other locations, you do so at your own initiative and are responsible for compliance with local laws

9. Validity of the Agreement

9.1 Should individual provisions of the General Terms of Use be or become void or ineffective and/or conflict with any applicable laws or regulations, then this will not affect the validity of any other conditions of use. The ineffective provisions shall be replaced by the Parties to the General Terms of Use by provisions that best meet the economic purpose of the ineffective provisions in a legally effective way. This shall correspondingly apply to any missing provisions.

9.2 In case of multi-language versions of the General Terms and Conditions, the English version(s) of the documents concerned will at all times prevail.


The Agreement: The moment in which the user confirms his/her acceptance of the General Terms of Use and other applicable Terms and Conditions and registers formally for the STARR EXCHANGE program by filling in the on-line registration form.

Artwork: All (photo) graphic designs, of whatever nature, produced for the purposes of and/ or suitable for use in the context of sales-promoting or other expressions, of whatever nature, including but not limited to expressions in daily or other newspapers, and on radio, television, (Internet) websites and mobile carriers, on flyers, inlay cards, record sleeves, boxes and packaging materials.

Investor: A member of STARR EXCHANGE who believes in a Talent and its success. And who supports this belief by buying a share or shares in a Talent Promotion Company.

Parties: User and STARR EXCHANGE.

User: Any user of the STARR EXCHANGE website and associated websites, including the Talent's Profile pages. A User can be, but is not limited to, an Investor, a Talent, a User or Promoter.


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