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Shan Fay
Song Writer, Singer, Guitarist
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Crowdfunding Campaign

Thanks for dropping by! This is a crowdfunding facility to gain market feedback and support to record my first album...

I released an EP titled 'Believe You're Lucky' in 2008, available for your listening pleasure via the reverberation links. This was a self-funded project which, in quite a direct and momentus way, transformed my family. Since then I've invested many hours developing my writing, singing and guitar craft. Time and skill wise, I'm now in a position to record my first album, but I can't do it without you!

What I'm most passionate about is the presence of love and affinity amongst people. I express this through poetry, singing, dancing, playing guitar, drumming, and engaging in purposeful conversations about the possibility of an expanded experience of joy for human kind. What I love most is being with people in conscious celebration; creating, providing and sharing whole-heartedly, many blissful musical experiences.

Please become a fan and stay tuned for more YouTube video's of the songs I want to record properly. In the meantime, many are in very raw form already in my Soundcloud public originals playlist.

I'm so excited about sharing wholeheartedly, my precious gift with you, and with as many music and peace lovers as possible.

Thanks in advance for you support.