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Samuel Lambert
Superbike Motorcycle Racer
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After competing successfully in the Australian Superbike Series in 2010, 2011 and half of 2012. 2013 has been a year of consolidation and training to prepare for the 2014 championship. Sam spends 5 days a week in the gym, weekly practice on the dirt bike, and is out on track as much as possible in preparation for the 2014 racing season.

Lambert Racing have recently taken delivery of a new Triumph Daytona 675R, which is exciting as it gives Sam every chance to be competitive on the racetrack!

In 2014 Lambert Racing is making an all out effort to win the 2014 Australian Superbike Series super sport category and after a year of learning the new bike, Sam is pumped and ready to compete at the highest level!

Lambert racing are no strangers to canvassing for sponsorship support, and see Starr Exchange as a opportunity to change the conversation, from one of gifting them money to a path for sponsors to invest and share in Sam's success, exciting right!

Sam is a perfect candidate for Starr Exchange, as his career path is structured, he is a rising talent and he needs the help to access the next steps in his career development.

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Talent News

It was an awesome day today, had one of the best races so far in my racing career with a great battle between Matt Davies and Aaron Morris. Got a bad start and lost 3 positions. Half way through the race coming into turn 4 I out-braked myself passing Aaron Morris and ended up 'bumping' Matt Davies and letting Aaron through. I Fought desperately to get my position back and for a lap or so was catching Aaron but made 2 mistakes one in MG and immediately in turn 11 affecting my run onto the straight allowing Davies to catch up and we battled for the rest of the race and I ended up finishing 5th in the race missing out on 4th by only .025 sec. Thanks to Cliff Stovall from Triumph and Jeremy Mertens from Gold Coast Triumph for their support to date in getting the Triumph out on the track and up the pointy end.
Qualified in 4th position today. Feeling pretty excited. Judging by the times the top 6 were doing it's going to be a ripper of a race tomorrow.
On the road heading down to Phillip Island for the world superbike race weekend...can't wait to get on track...stay tuned..
It's all hands on deck gearing up for the first round of the year at Phillip Island 21-23 Feb. Can't wait! Getting used to the drive down there from Brisbane - just set the car on auto pilot and chill.... I wish :)
Great ride days at PI. Had so much fun on the triumph, can't wait for the WSBK support round and the ASBK season to kick off - should be a good year!! :) Big thanks to Rick Heffernan and Dad for all the mechanical support and a big thanks to Link International, Pirelli, Decalalicious and FinskyLizard Racing for the fantastic stickers and design. Now for the long drive home!!
Just finished the long drive from Brissy to Phillip Island ready to test the trumpy on the track tomorrow. Feeling excited!! :-)