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Ian Marquez
Digital Artist & Tattooist
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I have always been an artist, working professionally as a cartoonist, commissioned for portraits, working through basically every medium.

Through Starr Exchange I'm focusing on bringing this creative license to the market through my own brand: Marquez Enterprises. This company will offer product across the market with my unique and custom artistry and design, with merchandise and to include Ink, as a tattooist.

Marquez Enterprises plans to disturb the status quo for artist recognition and profile, by delivering a recognisable product across the mediums to develop a culture following, much like; West Coast Customs, Tap Out and Ed Hardy.

My first step is build a website to showcase my work, I'm already working as a tattooist, and want my fans to come down to the studio and help build the team!

I have setup a Crowdfunding Campaign (click 'view rewards here' button) to help support these first steps, which is awesome! From there I'll establish a Crowdequity option here at Starr Exchange, for serious fans who want to invest in Marquez Enterprises to share in my success!