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Adam Sutardy
Artist, music producer
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Darwin born, Melbourne based, singer/songwriters/producers Sutardy Brothers a.k.a. ThaBrotherz, have developed their sound from a combination of Electronica, soul film sound tracks and Hip Hop.

After being brought up listening to 80's and 90's pop and the likes of Vangelis, the Sutardy Brothers found 90's Hip Hop and expanded from there. They spent a year in Indonesia living and breathing music while living with a record producer and have now found their own way in to the music industry heading production for various artists across Australia, the U.S., New Zealand, Indonesia & Malaysia. Currently in the studio with Stormey Coleman (2pac Outlawz), Fortafy, BeatKamp Muzik, GMC, Emerald Sun & Gorgs. Also working on their own, EP, album and music videos for multiple artists.

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