No catch, we're in it for the talent, but there are no free rides here either! We help you access the market, we facilitate support through collaboration, funding and network. It's up to them to make the most of it!
After Listing with STARR EXCHANGE Talent who need funding support use two paths. Crowdfunding is a starting point for beginners. Where you ask your fans to donate to achieve a milestone, normally in exchange for something. I.e. Mechandise. Next Step is Crowdequity.
No. STARR EXCHANGE is designed to complement your existing team. You may reward your existing team with shares in your OFFER through STARR EXCHANGE.
This depends on how many fans you have now, how creative you are in attracting fans and also how you market yourself. STARR EXCHANGE offers a number of tools and strategies to help you expand your fan base.
We have numerous tools that you have access to. Initially you will be issued a case manager who will outline the marketing techniques and planning options you can implement.
The talent potential will be defined by the level of interest they create from fans/ perspective investors. If you really believe in the talent, you can help them be successful by advocating their talent to your friends and family. As an investor in their success, the more popular the talent becomes, the better your investment will be.
Yes you can set this up via the messages panel made available to you when you register a talent profile.
There is no limit to the amount of personal information you can upload to your profile that is related to showcasing your talent.
By creating a 'Profile' on the STARR EXCHANGE website Talents have been LISTED as a potential talent for fans to identify with and potentially invest in. For fans to invest in Talent the Talent will need to have a Talent Promotion Company.
This will depend on your experience and the commitment of your existing fan base. However, generally to make the most of the pathways available to you, you will need approximately 1000 fans.
Yes, it's important for investors in talent to know the talent found on STARR EXCHANGE is committed to pursuing their careers. Further, they use the money raised through STARR EXCHANGE purposefully, and a contractual agreement helps ensure the process remains legitimate.
This is an official OFFER document that contains many legal agreements. The idea is to formalise your commitment to becoming successful in your talent field, and how your fans/ investors can help. Each case will be addressed individually, and your options explained by STARR EXCHANGE are done by an appointed Authorised Representative to manage the engagement.
Yes. STARR EXCHANGE will provide support pathways to help you every step of the way.
STARR EXCHANGE has a contract for you to modify to suit the commitment you make to fans/ investors and to Starr Exchange.
STARR EXCHANGE offers a legitimate investment pathway for fans in talent. The money raised is not a gift. Investors expect something in return their money. How much you share with investors will be negotiated on a case by case basis. STARR EXCHANGE's authorised representatives will help talent and their management decide what is appropriate to attract investment.
Firstly, Yes you will need to set up a company, it's not rocket science, but the process will need to be implemented in a structured way. Your Manager/Case Manager & Authorised Representative will help you work out which OFFER option is most appropriate and how to create it.
This will depend on your success to date, and the share of revenue you are offering.
Once you are ready to raise money, there is a set up fee to create and register your talent promotion company. There are also fees to run the company and keep it running. These fees can be funded from the money you raise, so it shouldn't hold your progress back at all. Starr Exchange gets paid 6% of the funds raised. That's it!
Yes, however if the process is working you would be much better off staying engaged with STARR EXCHANGE. Your Talent Promotion Company is your asset. As you become more popular the value of your asset will increase.
There are exit strategies for any participant in STARR EXCHANGE, how it is managed will depend on the level of engagement the talent has with STARR EXCHANGE and their fans. This will be included in your contract terms and defined when you are looking to raise money.
This is not a one off transaction relationship. If you have a life long career your shares will be worth a lot of money, much more than you will earn as an income, and much more than the small percentage of revenue you share with investors.
A Fan has an emotional attachment to Talent and the joy it brings to their lives. For Talent they also are driven emotionally to pursue their gift. Often this path is interrupted by the reality of money and the need to either make money from Talent or to take an alternative career path. By becoming a FAN of Talent on STARR EXCHANGE, you are giving the Talent you believe in every chance of success, as Talent needs support and the confidence to commit to their craft. FANs can now give Talent financial support as well, and participate intimately in the Talent's journey.
Talents who have larger fan bases will make PUBLIC OFFERS as they are looking to raise higher amounts of capital and have a bigger fan base to work with. PRIVATE OFFERs can be used as a stepping stone to start raising money or to access the PUBLIC OFFER option. PRIVATE OFFERs also suit talent with a small dedicated fan base willing to invest (max 50 shareholders).
It is as simple as hitting the join STARR EXCHANGE icon on the STARR EXCHANGE home page, entering your personal details, password and agreeing to the terms of being a user of ww.starrexchange.com. You have now joined STARR EXCHANGE! Using the search TALENT icon on the home page you can search through the talents who have showcased themselves on the website. You can search categories randomly looking for talents that interest you or you can search for a specific talent that you already have an interest in. Once you find your talent all you need to do is press the FAN icon and become a fan. You are now a part of the talents fan base and inner circle!
With an INVESTED INTEREST in the talent's success, your job is to help promote them, by showcasing their talents to your friends and family via the social media platforms you can access from your FAN page. In return; you'll immediately become part of their inner circle, privileged to information only INVESTORS can access, along with other VIP treatment through: tickets, merchandise and importantly a share in the REVENUE the talent makes as a talented individual!
You can be a fan of as many talents as you like. There aren't any limits.
On the Search Talent page you can input the name of the talent you are searching for or you can search for them under a listed category.
Yes through the Fan Portal on various forms of social media like Facebook & Twitter.
When registering to create an account with STARR EXCHANGE, you will be asked if you are willing to receive information about Talent Offers. These OFFERs describe the Talent's plan for their career and the use of the money they hope to raise. As a FAN you decide if you identify with the Talent and believe they have what it takes to make it BIG!
Any talent wanting to raise money will need to make an OFFER to access money from FANs. If you request an OFFER from a talent profile. Read through it carefully, to understand their path for success. Each OFFER will have a registration form at the back with the instructions for you to become a SHAREHOLDER in their Talent Promotion Company (TPC).
This will depend on whether the OFFER is of a private or public nature. It will also depend on the talent and how they structure their OFFER. All details will available in a Talent's OFFER DOC.
Your Talents OFFER DOC will have all details on how to buy your share holding in your chosen Talent.
Each Talent looking to raise money from their fan base will need to set up a TPC. This will be the company used for raising money. Talent will own 100% of the shares in their TPC when first set up. Then look to sell some of them to fans to raise money. For FANs to understand what they get in return, normally defined as a percentage of the Talent's income. The Talent will detail an OFFER document to their fans outlining their vision for their career and the use of the money raised.
Yes. There are PRIVATE & PUBLIC OFFERs. PRIVATE OFFERs give Talents a path to raise money from a smaller group of committed fans (less than50) who want to invest financially. PUBLIC OFFERs offer a path for talent who has a big fan base, normally an existing Talent Profile, and looking to make their mark. This path is more expensive to participate in, therefore a fan base of 1000 or more is an appropriate milestone for this type of offer.
STARR EXCHANGE holds an AFSL otherwise known as an Australian Financial Services Licence. STARR EXCHANGE is a registered business, and regulated through ASIC or the Australia Securities and Investment Commission.
Every talent profile will need proof of legitimacy before being viewed by the public on STARR EXCHANGE. Every investor will need proof of identification before being able to invest in talent via STARR EXCHANGE.
Contact STARR EXCHANGE directly and report the details. STARR EXCHANGE will take any security breaches very seriously.
Participating financially is only half of it, all talent want a support group around them to help in decision making and next steps for their career. All fans who invest will receive VIP treatment, merchandise, and inner circle collaboration with their talent. You will literally 'share in their success'!
The talent's commitment in this exchange is to share a fixed percentage of the revenue they derive from their talent with investors, as outlined in their offering. This will be bi-annually.
Good question. This will be outlined in each talent's offering; it will list the number of shares in each parcel sold, and how many are available.
Its possible, but only if you co-ordinate the group of people and purchase shares through a single entity.
We will refund investors if the talent doesn't raise enough money to make purposeful use of it; their; ‘Minimum Capital Milestone' is define in their offer document. In regard to use of funds, these will also be outlined in the offer document. The talent will be contracted to use the funds appropriately, with an advisory board in place to ensure this happens. So money cant be used unless approved by; their management, a representative of Starr Exchange and a representative of their investor group.
Yes. Each talent offer will outline how much they need to raise and the use of funds. In addition a ‘Minimum Capital Milestone' is defined. So if the talent doesn't reach this outcome with 2 years of making an offer on Starr Exchange, the capital will be refunded to the investors who did commit.
  1. Share your content with your fans across all major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Foursquare.
  2. Encourage your fans to share/retweet your content with others.
  3. Pimp your new videos, photos and promotions on your social media platforms regularly.
  4. Ask your fans open ended questions to encourage them to interact with you.
  5. Use social media to spotlight your fans, give them perks and special treatment.
  6. Optimize your social media profile by using key words. And don't forget to include your contact details - eg your Starr Exchange Profile link
  7. Encourage your fans to visit your Facebook page and "like".
  8. Take your social media offline and arrange to meet your fans in real life
  9. Regularly engage your fans through social media to build relationships and trust. Don't forget to respond to questions...
  10. Get your fans to rate your talent by giving you constructive feedback. This will help you improve but also build a loyal following.
Contact STARR EXCHANGE directly and report the details. STARR EXCHANGE will take any security breaches very seriously.
STARR EXCHANGE is an authorised representative of an AFSL, otherwise known as an Australian Financial Services Licence. STARR EXCHANGE is a registered business, and regulated through ASIC or the Australia Securities and Investment Commission.
You may be surprised how many fans will want to back talent to succeed. Many people yearn to be talented enough to make it big but often don't possess the right qualities to do so and thus appreciate the talents of others. Investing in the talent allows fans to share in their success!
Every talent profile will need proof of legitimacy before being viewed by the public on STARR EXCHANGE. Every investor will need proof of identification before being able to invest in talent via STARR EXCHANGE.
In the first instance contact STARR EXCHANGE directly and report the details. Starr Exchange will acknowledge your complaint and provide you with details of how your complaint will be resolved.
Richard Starr founded Starr Exchange, hence the name. He just happened to have a cool last name, which worked perfectly for his business idea!