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Digital Artist & Tattooist
I have always been an artist, working professionally as a cartoonist, commissioned for portraits, working through basically every medium.

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Bride Phone Cover
One of my favourite pieces of work, love to see it out there on your phones!
Walter White Phone Cover
For the 'Breaking Bad' fans, the series might be over, but the 'Hiesenberg' in all of us lives on!
Limited addition t-shirt for the special people helping me build the Marquez brand and community!
MARQUEZ Brand 'Limited Edition'
Team 'MARQUEZ'. be recognised as part of my inner circle, with only a small sample of this tshirts available
Original - personalised and signed print
One of my first works. i created this for a close friend in remembrance of their service. They were blown away, I loved creating something which has special meaning for them, and now for me! I love my job!
Canvas Print - recent work
Perfect size for wall hanging, another one of my favorites!